The girl ‘checks in’ the Vietnamese cuisine on the journey

The girl ‘checks in’ the Vietnamese cuisine on the journey

Taking photos, wandering on the streets with friends and “check in” the typical dishes are the passion of Phuong Chi.

Travel alone: The girl ‘checks in’ the food on the road through Vietnam

Phuong Chi, whose real name is Bui Truc Phuong, was born in 1995, in Van Gia fishing village, Khanh Hoa province, having a taste of “eating everywhere, taking pictures all over the street”.

Impressive dishes are captured by her who is powerful and bravery in age of 9x on the trip of 34 days from South to North.

Independent living, clear planning, Phuong Chi has made money by herself to make dreams of traveling everywhere in Vietnam. Visiting Hoi An on sunny days, the food makes her irresistible craving. Phuong Chau was experiencing “snacks” with the price equal to the motorbike parking fee such as red rice porridge: 5,000 VND.

Rice with fish sauce also only costs 5,000 VND. This is a little known food, even if you are a connoisseur travel it is still difficult to find places to sell. Phuong Chip Truong To.

From Hue to Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Ninh Binh, she was satisfied with the food, drink and interesting stories along the way. Throughout Moc Chau with tea hills, backpacking group with Phuong Chi meet the villagers operating and selling wild boar meat, the purchase price of one kilogram for 210,000 vnd. Watching the meteor at night, people roasted pork  unacquaintancein the flickering fire between the majestic nature.

During the 34 days, Phuong Chau and her friends had experienced the sun, wind and rain storms, landslides. In Dien Bien and Lai Chau, group of Phuong Chip self-rewarded a party full of dishes like roast duck 170,000 VND per one, Tao Meo wine, suckling pig, bamboo soup This is the trip toward the West – Apachai, Phuong Chip was guided by Pe brother at the border guards to cross the high slopes and hit the sacred milestone. Every once mention, she expresses her gratitude for meeting good people.

In the highlands of Y Ty, Lao Cai, she chose horse meat noodles with the price of 25,000 VND. At the Bac Ha kermess, she ate “Thang Co” with the price of 70,000 dong per bowl. Due to its strange smell, Phuong will not dare eat for next time.

In Sapa, she chose noodles with homemade Muong Khuong chili pepper at 40,000 dong. In addition, she also enjoys the barbecue skewers on the walking street with the price of 15,000 vnd.

Strolling on the journey across Vietnam, Phuong Chi had the opportunity to climb the Bach Moc Luong Tu, enjoyed grilled chicken on the camp with 2,100 m of Mr. Tua – the most impressive guide in her mind. Because in the cold of the wild forest plus the fatigue makes human love more precious.

On the way through Cao Bang, Lang Son, Hai Xom roast duck with the price of 30,000 vnd/ bowl filled with duck meat, special sauce added creates a distinct taste of regional cuisine.

Another noteworthy thing is the “hot rolled cake” in old town Dong Van that is sold by 50 -year -old woman. The husband and wife have lived in the old house, he sold the water, she sold the cake. As a hobby of old age, they sold the cake made by hand that you will never forget from the first trying.

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